Syfe Portfolio Update – March 2020

Frequent followers of Mr and Mrs Budget will know that Mr Budget had started a regular savings plan with Syfe, a relatively new roboadvisor in Singapore.

The main reason why Mr Budget decided to go for Roboadvisor is because he is looking for a more affordable way to invest in multiple baskets of ETFs to get more diversification.

Another reason is that, Mr Budget views roboadvisors as the professionally managed portion of his portfolio since he does not have any financial advisor.

As Roboadvisor firms have professionals looking at the funds daily, I’d think the results won’t be that bad as compared to our own DIY portfolios.

Since February, both Mr and Mrs Budget has combined our Syfe accounts together so that our returns (or losses) will be compounded.

So here’s Mr and Mrs Budget’s monthly Syfe portfolio summary.

March 2020

Global Equity Portfolio
Total invested: S$5532.12
Total Contribution this month: S$1000
Current Value: S$4918.86
Portfolio Return: -11.09%
Downside Risk: 25%

REIT Portfolio
Total invested: S$4650.00
Total Contribution this month: S$1500
Current Value: S$4333.10
Portfolio Return: -6.82%
Current Dividend Yield: 4.57%

So far both the portfolio registered a negative return due to the market crash in the past 4 weeks. Since investing in Syfe in January, the returns has continued to register a downward returns due to bad market condition.

We are not too concerned as we will continue to put in regular contribution to Syfe monthly, and hopefully 5 to 10 years later we will be able to see the returns. 

Will Syfe give us a good return, better than what CPF SA is giving us? Only time will tell. 🙂

You might be interested in previous months update too:

Global Equity:
January 2020: S$2009.00 (-0.25%)
February 2020: S$4248.60 (-6%)
March 2020: S$4918.86 (-11.09%)

February 2020: S$3075.90 (-2.35%)
March 2020: S$4333.10 (-6.82%)

Looking to invest via Syfe? You can use our referral code: SRP6X8B8Y when you create an account.

We would both get $10 to $100 depending on your first deposit amount, and you’d receive your bonus within 5 business days.

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3 thoughts on “Syfe Portfolio Update – March 2020

  1. Michelle

    Hey there,

    Just chanced upon your website. Great and easy reads. I’m also looking at robo advisor platform. What made you decide with Syfe? I did with Smartly in 2018, but unfortunately it closed down on Feb 2020 and my investment made losses due to this. So I’m abit worried to reinvest in another robo platform with the worry that it might close its business at an recession period (in future).


    1. Mr Budget

      Hey Michelle! Thanks for the comment!

      For syfe, it’s becuase their global equity investing methodology is in line w what we believe in and it gives us a low cost way to buy into the etfs that we want to buy but to buy all of them individually would need a lot of money! We also love the Reit+ portfolio which allows us to lower the cost of acquiring those reits. One would spend a lot more in fees buying the individual Reit counters as opposed to buying them through robo. 🙂

      Of course the technical methodology aside, the team reached out and we had a good chat with them, and we think they might be around for a while. Should be quite safe 🙂 I think they are venture backed too so they should have some money to support them through recession. Also even if they close down, we are still owners of the shares they bought on behalf of us – they are all regulated by MAS.

      Generally, I think robo advisors are good, as I mentioned in the post, we treat them as a professionally managed portion of our overall portfolio.

      As to which robo to go for, I think both syfe and stashaway is quite good. 🙂 hope this helps!


      1. Michelle Tan

        Alright. Thanks for replying!☺️ I’ll take a look at Syfe and stashaway platform before deciding.


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