A look at our portfolio breakdown

Hello everyone, hope everyone is well!

We realized that we haven’t been updating our portfolio page much and have been receiving some emails on our portfolio breakdown, especially with regards to crypto.

The truth is that, we were a bit busy with the arrival of our baby, and another thing is that for crypto, it is actually very hard to track the actual transactions because sometimes we make opportunistic trades and we go in and out of the trades very quickly.

Another thing is that we are also placing some of our crypto in farms and it is very hard to track the actual amount day to day because of the price fluctuation as well as something called impermanent loss in liquidity pools.

As with a lot of other individuals who are tracking their crypto portfolio, now we are tracking the performance by total gain on top of our capital instead of tracking individual gains on each crypto.

Here’s a quick look at our US equity portfolio as well as our crypto portfolio.

US Equities

Capital since January 2020: S$125,000
Taken Profit: S$20,000
Current Portfolio: S$228,000

As we’ve mentioned before this, we dont think will be withdrawing from our current portfolio and may add to these counters if prices do come down substantially.

We have taken profit on other counters this year such as Amazon, PDD, Fastly, Crowdstrike, ARKG etc to move our funds into crypto, and are left with these high conviction counters which forms the long term portfolio for us.

Crypto Portfolio

Capital since October 2020: S$217,000
Current Portfolio: S$680,000 (USD500,000)

Ethereum, AXS and Chainlink forms our core portfolio for now.

There are a few counters which we have taken profit and rotated out based on the crypto themes such as Bitcoin, BNB, Matic – all of which have been rotated to new projects that caught our attention. For example we just bought some YGG and Solana yesterday.

Of course, we do want to caution that for crypto – although we saw a retracement in May which saw the price of Bitcoin fall 50%, prices are recovering a bit too fast for our liking and we may be seeing another major retracement soon. At that point our portfolio wouldnt be that green again.

Some final thoughts

Our portfolio may look too risky and overexposed to crypto for many, and we agree.

Our thinking is that, If crypto goes to zero, are we able to survive? Hence our CPF and US equities form that buffer for us to really study crypto and the more we find out about the space, the more we want to be part of the new digital asset.

Of course thats partly driven by greed – afterall everyone is making some money in the crypto space.

But for us, our core holdings are mainly invested into projects with revenue model and user growth, the same way we look at traditional or US companies.

For example, Ethereum’s transaction volume is actually higher than what paypal is processing. Hence we look at Etheruem the same way we look at PayPal.

Another example – Axie an NFT game is actually making billion dollars in revenue – and can be (somewhat) compared to gaming companies like Activision Blizzard.

And both Ethereum and Axie have hundreds of thousands of users – the same way how PayPal has X number of merchants and Activision Blizzard has Y number of monthly active users.

Give S$X to invest, its hard for us to not invest in strong fundamental crypto projects now – we are also not sure where else is better to put our money to work.

But we could very very well be wrong – so we are prepared for the crypto portfolio to drop to zero and hopefully rely on our US equities and CPF to grow steadily.

So hopefully we are right!

For readers who are looking for resources, we came across Chain Debrief which has a lot of analytical crypto content. It’s a good place to start πŸ™‚

11 thoughts on “A look at our portfolio breakdown

      1. JD

        Thanks! Didn’t really check those out before but I like the format. I’ve been using delta since the beginning so too lazy to change. Happy investing β—‘Μˆ


    1. Mr Budget

      hello! we are not staking our ETH for now. πŸ™‚ holding them on hodlnaut for long term.

      we dont really stake our crypto, probably only 5% of our whole crypto is being staked right now. most of them are in binance earn.


    1. Mr Budget

      Hello! We are using Binance!

      Binance has the most number of cryptocurrencies available for purchase, the user interface is far superior than other exchanges like ftt in our opinion (for advanced features), and binance is the exchange with the worlds highest transaction volume by a large margin.

      You can use our referral for a 5% trading fee discount: https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=YTRT82F7

      The problem with binance is that to fund it you need to use peer to peer funding or u need to transfer your money from another wallet to binance as they dont have direct fund deposit.

      Gemini is not bad too. They have a gemini earn which gives you interest on your crypto, higher than what binance is giving, and you can do direct fund transfer. They are quite good for new crypto users so you can explore that. πŸ™‚

      We have a referral code too: https://www.gemini.com/share/pqepnn8s9

      Good luck and have fun!


      1. Teddy

        Hello if we fund using p2p, how do we withdraw the money, able to share?

        Worried that during liquidation that’s a lot of KYC requirements where the fund exit need to be to the same funding source. Appreciate the sharing


      2. Mr Budget

        Hi Teddy!

        Thanks for your comment.

        For withdrawal, we have not tried withdrawing yet, but in our mind i think what we will do is to move the funds to our coinhako / gemini account and withdraw via xfers. Both coinhako, gemini and xfers have offices here so should be quite ok – we are not too worried. Also DBS vickers will soon allow crypto trading – so i think its a matter of time before you can do direct fiat off ramp via DBS. https://vulcanpost.com/756632/dbs-vickers-receives-mas-approval-for-crypto-trading-services/

        You are right – ive heard stories of accounts being frozen because of insufficient KYC performed to see who is passing you the money so you need to be careful about it.

        Hope this gives some ideas! But to us we probably will only be cashing out our capital during the end of this bull run, so its probably still months / years away before we think of cashing out. πŸ™‚


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