About Mr And Mrs Budget

Hello everyone!

Welcome to our little space where we aim to pen down our journey! 

Just some background on who we are and why we are doing this – as you know, there’s an explosion of content around personal finance recently.

We’ve decided to jump on this bandwagon to share our experience in all money matters and how we dealt with each situation (as they come along), and hopefully discover other like minded young couples or individuals in pursuit of a meaningful life!

Mr Budget is a 32 years old senior manager in a local SME, and has been working for 6 years. He is the main driver of this new publication as he is more obsessed with optimising his (and our!) personal finance matters. He has a personal finance excel sheet that he spends a lot of time on! As a PR in Singapore, he was not born with a silver spoon, and has to earn his own money to pay off his school loans. 

Mr Budget met Mrs Budget 2 years ago, and Mr Budget immediately fell in love with Mrs Budget. As we get to know more about each other, we realized that (luckily) we are both aligned in terms of how we view money, our spending philosophy and that we should work towards early retirement. 

Mrs Budget is someone who doesn’t value branded goods as much and don’t really spend a lot on shopping, or cosmetic products. For us, what is important is that we want to spend money on experiences as opposed to short material materials. 🙂

After a year plus of dating, Mr Budget proposed to Mrs Budget and we now live in a 4R condo. The downpayment is partly paid by Mrs Budget’s parent as her parent set aside some education fund for her to study overseas. As she decided to study in a local university, the education fund was then used for the downpayment of the condo. We will be sharing more about this soon! 

If we do not calculate our property value and its mortgages, our respective net worth (as of October) are:

Mr Budget: S$250,000
Mrs Budget: S$245,000

Most of which are accumulated through high savings rate in the past few years.

Through this publication, we will share our experiences with regards to:

  1. Marriage costings
  2. Property purchase experiences
  3. Our renovation experiences
  4. Our joint finance matters
  5. Our portfolio purchases
  6. Our thoughts on local social issues as a young couple
  7. Our journey towards financial independence

Hopefully we can meet like minded young couples in Singapore too. 🙂 

Shot taken of our coconut lunch during our recent trip to bali! Will probably be writing about it!

You can also contact us at mrandmrsbudget19@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About Mr And Mrs Budget

  1. Mr Budget

    Hi Cherry! Yes our net worth includes our CPF! That’s because CPF Life provides the annuity portion of our planning when we retire. 🙂 Saw that you are doing very well on your personal finance front too! Do drop by more often!


  2. John


    Your blog is very useful for me as a guidance. If there was to be a chat grp or gathering to discuss abt life or financial goal, I would be glad to join and do some sharing. Thank you for the time for penning down everything


    1. Mr Budget

      Hi John!

      Thanks for this! We are relatively new and i dont think we have enough followers to start a group chat yet. If we do, it will probably be just both of us talking – which we can do right now. 🙂 Hopefully in the future!


      1. Teck

        Hi Mr Budget,

        I was Googling “Singapore couple finance blog” and glad that I found you.

        Please start a telegram chat group and start adding us like John have suggested. 🙂


      2. Mr Budget

        Hi Teck!

        Thanks for the words of encouragement! So now I know we will have at least 3 members in the telegram haha. But none telegram aside, happy to share our thoughts or answer any questions you may have. Feel free to drop us a message on our Facebook page or email us. 🙂


  3. John Teo

    Hi there. Chanced upon this blog. To be very honest,though both of u are still relatively very young,I am truly amazed at your commitment at financial independence and the focus at wealth accumulation. I am much older and unfortunately I have not done planning when young and thus do not have much coming into my late 40s. But I am inspired by you guys and have put in place small steps. Though it is too late but at least I get something done. Cheers


    1. Mr Budget

      Hey John! Thanks for dropping by and glad that you find some of our posts helpful!
      To be honest this financial journey thing is not a competition. I think at the end of the day we are all chasing happiness and doing things that makes us happy. 🙂
      Congrats on getting started! The best time to start was today. 🙂


  4. Shafiq

    Hey there im 23 years old as of now i have so many people in my telegram group who saw ur portfolio and was awed by it . It would be a great blessing and honour if you could guide me in my investment journey towards financial freedom. Your name ought to be out there !


    1. Mr Budget

      Hi Shafiq,

      Thanks for your kind note! Both Mrs budget and myself are just any ordinary person working hard and saving as much as possible. 🙂

      Everyones situation and circumstance is different and hence there is no one size fit all ‘strategy’.

      But the principles are the same as shared by other more qualified financial writers:
      – increase income
      – save a big part of your income
      – invest wisely
      – rinse and repeat

      The hard part is keeping a discipline and slowly see the money grow, the discipline to keep saving up and not spend unnecessarily, and the discipline to buy and hold stocks. 🙂

      Happy to see how we can help if you have specific questions, do feel free to drop us an email on this or comment here!


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