2021 Year End Note From Mr and Mrs Budget

As the year come to a close, its time for us to do our annual reconciliation and look at how we did financially this year, and then chart down some actionables for us for the new year. The new year is just next week!

Mr Budget’s Net Worth Grew 229% From 2020

For Mr Budget, 2021 has been another great year in the personal finance side of things. Mr Budget’s net worth grew 229% from S$540,000 last year to about S$1,780,000 this year. This represents an increase of +$1,240,000 excluding our mortgage and property calculation.

Mr Budget2018201920202021% Change
Net Worth$153,000$285,000$540,000$1,780,000+229%
Singapore Portfolio$35,000$77,000$60,000– 100%
US Portfolio$46,000$45,000$250,000$135,000– 46%

Mrs Budget’s Net Worth Grew 188% From 2019

For Mrs Budget, 2021 has also been a great year. Mrs Budget’s net worth grew 188% from S$434,000 last year to about S$1,250,000 this year. This represents an increase of +$816,000 excluding our mortgage and property calculation.

Item201920202021% Change
Net Worth$250,000$434,000$1,250,000+188%
Singapore Portfolio$35,000$46,000-100%
US Portfolio$17,000$151,000$31,000-80%

For 2021, we set out to hit a combined net worth of S$1,000,000, but never in our wildest dream that we would exceed that by a large margin. It was all due to our reallocation of portfolio into crypto.

Overall, our total combined net worth excluding our properties and mortgages, is at S$3,000,000! Most of the gains are from crypto as we are very heavily allocated into the digital asset class.

Do we feel rich?

Although this is quite a lot, both Mrs Budget and I dont “feel rich”.

We still cook at home, we dont own a car yet. Our mindset is still at the wealth building stage where we are aggressively investing in long term assets while actively manage our expenses. We are still 2 regular working adults trying to build a better future for ourselves.

Also, a very big portion of our net worth are all paper gains and they are invested in the market. If the market crash 20-30%, our net worth will drop by at least that amount and more. And this is especially so for the case of “crypto gains”.

And I think we constantly remind ourselves of that. There are also no changes in terms of lifestyle and we continue to live life as it is last year / 5 years ago.

I think because of the fact that we are still fully invested in the market and have not realized the gains, we don’t feel like we are “rich” yet. We are still quite bad in terms of taking profits so hopefully in the new year we will be readjusting our portfolio.

Thoughts about crypto

As we have probably mentioned this many times here, we think that crypto is here to stay.

We continue to see more and more companies moving into the crypto world:

  1. Facebook announced that they are rebranding to Meta, a commitment to build the metaverse in the next 10 years
  2. Other global companies like Adobe, Microsoft, WWE, TikTok, have all announced plans for the metaverse and NFT space too.
  3. OCBC announced that they are looking to launch a crypto exchange, following DBS footsteps
  4. Adidas and Nike both announced that they are partnering with Sandbox and working on the metaverse / NFT space

We expect to see more and more news around the metaverse and the blockchain technology, and again, while things may still be early, we will not be “early” per se soon. There are also no other areas of innovation that is innovating as fast as the crypto industry and we are not sure where else to allocate our capital.


In 2022, both Mrs Budget and I will focus on:

  1. Continue building up our long term portfolio consisting of high growth US stocks and cryptos.
  2. Hitting S$5,000,000 in combined net worth!
  3. Derisking and reallocating our portfolio. Currently it is too heavily tilted towards crypto.

Hopefully 2021 has been a good year for you too and may we all huats in 2022! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “2021 Year End Note From Mr and Mrs Budget

    1. Mr Budget

      hello ser!

      havent been following since i sold it but i think there are still room for it to grow.

      – its marketing is good, a lot of sgreans are using them
      – cronos chain just launched, so far only saw like dex on it, other more complicated protocols are not launched there yet
      – strong nft community from Asia

      Sold it because it was the only green one for me in a short period of time and i needed some $ for personal use 🙂


  1. James

    Hi Mr Budget,

    Firstly happy new year to you and your missus!
    Congrats on your milestone and huge gains in 2021.

    Would you be so kind to share your crypto portfolio & allocations to the viewers?
    We would also be been to know your views on crypto investments in 2022!



    1. Mr Budget

      Hi James!

      Yes ive screenshot the portfolio as of 27th dec here: https://mrmrsbudget.com/portfolio-2/

      It has fallen a bit 🙂

      – Narrative for IBC is very strong, thats why ATOM has been shooting up.
      – FTM also pumped a lot because its undervalued.
      – Metaverse and gaming a bit quiet now but i think throughout the year it will still go up because gaming is the one that will bring in the next 1B users to crypto
      – Layer 1s are always a safe bet – question is which layer 1s is the narrative of the month and that will dictate where liquidity will flow and subsequently price movement will follow.
      – Need to be comfortable moving your positions around and trade the narrative. 🙂


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