What Have We Done This Month Towards Our Financial Goals – October 2019

So October has came and gone now.

While everyone else is doing a monthly portfolio update, we thought it is more meaningful to document what we have done this month towards our financial goals.

Mr Budget
Position Added: Hong Kong Land, Centurion, AIMS AMP (SG Equity)
Cut loss: Beyond Meat (US Equity)

Mrs Budget
Position Added: Lendlease (SG Equity)
Take Profit: Facebook (US Equity)

Basically adding on to dividend generating counters as well as cutting loss on non dividend generating counter, relating to what I have mentioned in my previous article.

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In terms of overall net worth, Mr Budget is still pretty much in the same position as the month before due to the cut loss position on Beyond Meat, as well as forking out a chunk of money to be used as Ping Jing for the upcoming Guo Da Li. Most of this offsets the gains in his SG portfolio as well as gains from the monthly salary.

Here’s a graphical representation of what we have done this month towards our financial goals:

For the next few months, I don’t foresee myself to be adding into any investments, as Mr Budget will have to fork out additional money for the renovation of his overseas condo in Malaysia, to be used to provide rental income as well as short to mid term investment.

If there are opportunities to sell off the condo, Mr Budget might consider doing so as the monthly mortgage for the condo might be slightly stressful.  Will probably talk about my overseas properties in the future.

So what have we done this month towards our financial goals? 

  1. Mr Budget added on S$12,000 worth of positions onto dividend generating assets.
  2. Mrs Budget added on S$8,000 worth of positions onto dividend generating asset.
  3. Started this Mr and Mrs Budget website – articulating our thoughts into words gives us clarity on our financial plans, and hopefully open up new opportunities to us in the future.
  4. Booked our honeymoon trip to Japan using miles! This will be our first ever business class experience. 🙂

How have your month been?

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