Of Guo Da Li & Stock Counters On Our Current Watch List!

Hello everyone! It has been a week since we published anything! Mr Budget was away from Singapore and was unable to publish anything. But hopefully we can still see some traffic coming in!

So what’s new with Mr and Mrs Budget this past week?

Over the weekend, we had our Guo Da Li (Betrothal) celebration, albeit a simple one! So early yesterday morning, Mr Budget brought over the wedding gifts and delivered them to Mrs Budget’s house.

The event was a simple one, and the Guo Da Li consist of:

  • the wedding candle
  • 38 pig trotter cans
  • 2 bottles of red wine
  • wedding cakes
  • double happiness stickers
  • red banners
  • 8 oranges
  • jewellery 四点金
  • red packet money / dowry S$3888

We took some photos, and then we went to distribute the cakes and pig trotter cans to Mrs Budget’s relatives while sending them the official wedding invite card to our wedding. 

Deep down, I’m super thankful for the Mrs as she was the one that handled all of the Guo Da Li shopping items and she packed everything herself!

For the Guo Da Li, we ordered it from Swee Heng and we were really pleased with it. The price is relatively affordable too at S$7.80 per box, and it comes with 10 small slices of cakes. Highly recommended!

So with the Guo Da Li settled, now we are left with the actual wedding day, happening in a little less than 2 months!

For the personal finance part, we have not executed any trades recently, as we are saving up for an upcoming renovation expense as well as the upcoming wedding.

However, there are some stock counters that we are watching closely.

  1. Ascendas REIT
  2. SEA Ltd (Shopee parent company)
  3. Bookings.com
  4. Hong Kong Land
  5. MNACT

For Ascendas, their price has been falling and we are looking to pick up the counter if the price hits S$2.70. 

For our US equities, Mr Budget has been eying SEA counter for a long time, but has not pulled the trigger. SEA is the parent company of Shopee and its recent report showed excellent improvement in top and bottom line, sending the stock up 20%+ when the financials were reported. For Bookings, it is a category winner that we are hoping to pick up should the price hits USD1800.

Both MNACT and HKLand has suffered because of the riot. For HKLand, we might average down one more trade if it falls below USD5.30. 

Other than that, business is as usual, and it seems like the market is still not seeing the long awaited recession. 

One interesting thing did happen last week though – Mr Budget was a target of an investment scam / stock manipulation scam via WeChat – and we will share more in the next update. 🙂 

Till then, please continue to tune in and do drop by a note to say hi! 

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