My Wife Complained About Finding Me A Christmas / Birthday Gift. Here Are 5 Practical Ideas.

Over the weekend, Mrs Budget and I went to Orchard Road to shop for a new shirt for me, for an upcoming dinner in my hometown.

Mrs Budget complained that it is very hard to choose a gift for me seeing that my birthday is coming, so she paid for the shirt. 

On a separate lunch conversation between Mrs Budget and her colleagues, they were also discussing about Christmas gifts for their respective husbands.

When her colleagues asked Mrs Budget what gift would she buy me, Mrs Budget told them that she won’t be buying any, because Mr Budget didn’t need anything, and all of them laughed.

Of course, I agreed 100% with Mrs Budget and I reassured her that I don’t have any wants now. Heck if I were to think of getting myself a birthday gift (what more to say a Christmas gift), I will have a hard time deciding too.

But since we spoke about the topic last night, I had some time to think about some gift ideas that will probably be practical, for all female readers here.

 I spent like 10 minutes thinking about this, so it might not be representative of all guy’s wish list, and is probably good as a gift from a wife / girlfriend to her husband / boyfriend.

1. Vouchers

The most practical gift I would love to receive now is sadly, NTUC Fairprice Vouchers!

A bulk of my spending every month goes into shopping at Fairprice, buying the cooking ingredients for our household. 

Other than the normal chicken and pork which Mrs Budget and I spent on, we also love Vitagens (almost S$6 for 10 Vitagens!), China Gold Pear (almost S$5 for 2 huge pears), milks and of course, our favourite Seabass and the occasional Salmon! 

A trip to Fairprice will usually be around S$20 in expenditure, and this is excluding the monthly essentials such as washing liquid, condiments, toiletries that we need to stock up on. 

So Fairprice voucher actually makes me happy haha!

2. Entertainer / Burpple Beyond Subscription

This is probably the second most practical thing I would love to receive. Entertainer or Burpple Beyond comes at an annual subscription, and Entertainer is the more expensive option (selling at S$95 now for the 2020 edition). 

With Entertainer and Burpple Beyond, Mrs Budget and I can enjoy savings when we head out for dining. Of course, we have the option to share this with our friends and family too. 

However, when we look at our Entertainer usage history, it is actually on the low side.

We did ask ourselves will we get ourselves one for 2020, and decided that the S$95 is actually not that worth it, since our savings will probably be around that amount or less than that. If we were to pay for it, we will need to utilise the 1 for 1 deals, and end up spending more when in fact, we didn’t need to (we can cook ourselves at home!). 

Of course, these subscriptions are also good-to-haves and will be very worth it for couples who dine out often, or if you share the account with a few friends and family.

3. New Gaming Mouse / Gaming Keyboard

Another gift that will make Mr Budget happy, is a new gaming mouse or even better – a new gaming keyboard. Mr Budget’s main vice is actually gaming, and he spent a fair bit of time gaming.

While the current mouse and keyboards are already quite good, any gamers will not mind a new set of gaming peripherals. 🙂

If you are thinking of getting one, please get it from Razer, so that you can contribute to the revenue of the company – and then the stock price can increase, and then I will be a happy Mr Budget!

And that goes without saying, my gaming gears are all Razer products.

4. Shaver / Dental Kit / Solid Towel

For most guys, we shave. So this is actually a good gift idea for your other half – a solid set of shaver, or even a new toothbrush or toothpaste. This is not only practical, and it is actually quite thoughtful because we change our dental kit quite often. 

If you can also throw in a comfortable brand new towel, so that everyday after shower, he is wrapped in a soft and comfortable towel. Probably only a few things can beat that feeling of a nice towel after a shower.

5. Scarf and Glove for year end travel

The last on my list is probably a bit less practical than the first 4 – a scarf or hand gloves if the both of you are travelling to somewhere cold at the end of the year. 

For guys, we usually (or is it just me) don’t have an extensive wardrobe, and a scarf or a glove will be especially helpful if your partner do not have a good fashion sense, someone like me. 🙂

So yeah, there you have it, 5 gift ideas that will put a smile on my face.

Are there any ideas that you would like to receive? 

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