The Dangerous When-Then Trap That We Never Knew We Might Be Caught In

Recently Mr Budget came across an article and some pointers which is worth sharing – there is this trap called the When – Then Trap, which most of us are prone to fall into.

Basically, most of us might think that when we achieve something, only then will we do what we always wanted to do.

For example in our lives, some classic examples of the when-then trap:

  • When I hit S$1,000,000, then I will be happy. 
  • When I get this new job, then I will spend more time with my family.
  • When I hit 80kg, then I will start eating more healthy and cut down on my weight.
  • When I get my bonus this year, then I will start investing.
  • When my kids grow up, then I will spend more time with my wife.
  • When I get a promotion, then I will sleep more.
  • When I get a new kindle, then I will start reading more books.
  • When I get a gym membership, then I will start exercising more.

For the first case, most of then time, when we hit S$1,000,000, we will aim for S$2,000,000, then S$3,000,000 and so on. And at the end, we will end up not pursuing happiness. 

Also more often then not, what we think we will achieve when we do something, we almost always never deliver on the “thens”. 

When we hit S$1,000,000, will we truly be happy?
When we get the promotion, will we really sleep more?
When we get a gym membership, will we really exercise more? 

As we head into the new year, let’s be mindful that we set out to achieve the things we set to do in the new year, after all, we did promise ourselves that when the new year come, then we will change things and make things better, didnt we? 🙂

So it’s a good time to remind yourself (and your loved ones) to not fall into the When – Then Trap. 

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