What Have We Done This Month Towards Our Financial Goals – June 2021

Hello everyone! It’s been a month since we updated here. Been busy with our work and prepping for the arrival of our baby!

As with our monthly updates, here are what we’ve done in June 2021 with regards to our personal finance.

Mr Budget
Position Added: Matic, Sushi
Take Profit / Cut Loss. –

Mrs Budget
Position Added: Matic, Sushi

For June, we continue to add into crypto as we do more and more research in the space. We averaged into Matic and initiated a new position in Sushi as we think they are really undervalued now.

For readers who are in crypto, you would know that for the month of June, crypto continued its downwards price movement and many coins are actually still trading at a high discount! We wish we have more capital to continue accumulating!

Net Worth Updates

After months of upwards movement, our network finally succumbed to the market forces and dropped about 15%.

Our combined net worth is now at $1,475,000, including CPF but excluding our property and mortgage. This is down from $1,800,000 last month, a change of -S$325,000. Big ouch for us (you can laugh at us now hahaha)

This month’s dip in net worth is due to retracement from our crypto (-S$350,000). However, our US stocks rebounded a fair bit (+S$40,000) and the rest are from employment and CPF.

While the losses are quite substantial, and the overall crypto market structure is still a bearish structure, we are still looking to buy more crypto whenever we have the resources to.

We are taking a long term view and if we zoom out our timeframe, our crypto return this was is still positive, with a capital of S$345,000, our crypto portfolio is at currently S$630,000 in about 9 months, sitting at almost a 100% return. We think we are still very early in crypto speak.

So while our networth dipped by -15% this month with a value drop of -$325,000, crypto to us is still the best performing asset class this year, so investors do really need to think about having crypto as a hedge in your portfolio.

Outlook moving forward

Moving forward, we will continue to purchase crypto and hopefully this asset class rewards us in the long term.

Are we looking at US stocks? Definitely – however, crypto provides way more entry opportunities (with most coins now down -50% from its all time high) than US stocks. The risk reward for crypto for us is still higher than what US stocks is providing us for now.

Investing has become more of a passive and boring this for us now – its becoming clear to us that we just want to buy and keep averaging into the high conviction counters we are having now, and the top of that crypto list looks like: Ethereum, Matic, Chainlink, and Sushi for now.

And for US stocks, it will be NVIDIA, Tesla, SE, Unity, Palantir, Google, and PayPal. Dont think we have enough capital to spread around or to build anymore meaningful positions so we are just monitoring these counters for drop in prices and to average in.

And pray for the best! 🙂

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