We Spent A Net Total Of S$16,000 For Our Wedding, Or S$80 Per Wedding Guest.

Regular readers will know that Mrs Budget and I recently just got married! And we are glad that everything is finally over now!

Of course, as with all money matters, we tracked our spending as much as possible to see if we have overspent and if there are things we can improve on.

So here are all our wedding costs listed:

Pre Wedding ItemsCost
Wedding Bands$2,964.50
ROM fees$42.00
Ping Jing$4,976.00
Betrothal Package (Guo Da Li)$78.00

Wedding ItemsCost
Friend Accomodation Cost$338.98
Bridal Package$3,788.00
Groom Suit$890.00
Bride Additional Gown$178.00
Bridal Make Up Artist$720.00
Photographer extra hour charges$118.00
Car Rental$306.00
bridal car deco$80.00
Jing Cha Angpao$240.00
Wedding Banquet$25,693.01
Wedding Video$688.00
Wedding Gift$30.00
Wedding Photo Album$62.00
Wedding day angpao$878.00

Grand Total$42,958.49

As you can see from the above table, we’ve spent close to S$43,000 for our wedding.

Of course, this includes line items like the wedding bands and the Ping Jing, all of which is from Mr Budget’s own pocket. For the actual wedding stuffs, most of it is co-shared by Mr and Mrs Budget.

One of the most expensive line item is our bridal package, which is at S$3788, consisting of 2 wedding gowns and 1 set of Kua for Mrs Budget, 1 set of male Kua for Mr Budget, on day 10 hour photography as well as on day make up artist for Mrs Budget. Overall we feel that the price we paid for is still quite reasonable for what we receive from the bridal shop.

For Mr Budget’s suit, we had it tailored for S$890, consisting of a 3 piece suit, an additional shirt and a tie. Other miscellaneous cost we incurred are getting a videographer to do our march in video, hiring a wonderful emcee to host our wedding, make up artist for our family members, wedding day angpaos for the groomsmen and bridesmaid, and of course, the biggest cost for us is the wedding banquet itself, at S$25,693.01. 

When you add all of these up, it comes up to a grand total of S$42,958.49, all of which we slowly paid for since last year.

Wedding ReceiptsTotal
Angpao (friends)$13,128.00
Angpao relative$19,688.00
Jing Cha$1,644.00
– table surplus-($7,480.00)

Grand Total$26,980.00

As with all weddings, we received angpaos to help cushion the cost, and we count ourselves lucky that the angpaos are able to cover the cost of the banquet.

For the angpaos, we received a total of S$32,816, which more than cover the wedding banquet all thanks to Mrs Budget’s very generous relatives. To be fair to our parents, for all surpluses of wedding angpao from the relative’s table, we gave them back to our parents.

Adding the additional angpaos from the tea ceremony, we received a total of S$26,980 worth of angpaos.

All in all, the net spent for us is S$15,978.49.

That may be a lot for some, but what we received in return is:

  • A day filled with lots of memories and catching up with people who makes us happy (albeit a short catch up)
  • The official marriage of Mr and Mrs Budget (although we have already been legally married)
  • A tailored 3 piece suit for Mr Budget
  • A beautiful wedding gown for Mrs Budget
  • Wedding jewellery worth >S$10,000

What we got back was definitely worth more than what we paid for. 🙂

Another way to look at the costing is that, for our wedding, 200 people came, so that’s about S$80 per person we spent to come celebrate our wedding with us.

All in all, we’d say we are quite happy with what we’ve spent, and there are probably not much areas that we felt we have overspent. We did away with a wedding live band which probably saved us S$1,000 – S$2,000. 

On top of that, we also optimised our credit card for the wedding banquet and received up to S$1,000 in cash back – this is only possible as the hotel allow us to make monthly charges to our respective credit cards, hence we charged S$2000 monthly to each of our UOB One credit card to get a max 5% cash back, and the rest of it we charged it to our Standard Chartered Unlimited Cash Back Card.

Do you think we’ve overspent? How much did you spend for your wedding?

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