Thailand Returned 300% More Than Singapore In Past 10 Years And That Intrigued us

While browsing around the web for news, Mr Budget came across these tables that I thought would be interesting to document it here.

The first compares the 2019 global market returns, ranked best to worst, with its 2018 return as a comparison. The second is global total returns for the 2010s decade.


Some interesting notes:

  1. Saudi Arabia returned double digit returns in 2018 and 2019.
  2. Both 2018 and 2019 saw a negative return for the Malaysia market.
  3. IT, Consumer, Healthcare and Real Estate is still the biggest growth sector in the US, and probably applies to other economies too.
  4. In the past 10 years, Thailand and Philippines returned the most, charting a growth of 181% and 154% respectively. Singapore on the other hand – 63% while Malaysia is at 33%, and China 71%. 

Point number 3 is interesting, and when we look at our portfolio, most of our investments are also in the IT and Real Estate industry, and if there are any opportunities that arises from healthcare or consumer products, we will be taking a closer look at them. 

But what caught our attention was point number 4, that Thailand and Philippines has been returning good rewards to investors. We’ve occasionally heard about Thailand being a good stock market haven for investors, but we have never really paid much attention to it. Of course, how can we do that when there are just so many things for us to monitor, especially since we are investing in the Singapore market, the US market, and are looking at the Hong Kong Market now. 

However, the lack of time shouldn’t be an excuse for us – looking at the total returns over the past 10 years of Thailand vs Singapore, Thailand returned 300% more as compared to Singapore! 

We also did a quick check if Saxo or DBS Vickers, both the brokers we are using, to see if they allow us to trade the Thai stock market, and to our surprise, they don’t allow us to do that!


It seems like we may soon need to open up or change another brokerage account! 

Are there any readers who have traded the Thai market? Where should we start at? 

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