More Intentional Living In 2020

Last night, I was having a chat with Mrs Budget before we go to bed. I told her that in 2020, we need to have more intentional living, otherwise, another year will pass and we will waste another year again.

I think this is timely because we are still at the start of the year and it is probably a good time to set certain goals for the year, and even if we don’t achieve most of them, we will still achieve something.

So for 2020, other than personal finance related goals, I told Mrs Budget that we should host more of our close friends over at our place.

Since we are staying at a private housing, and are paying monthly mortgages and maintenance fee, we should try to make use of the facilities and our house more before we get lazy few years down the road. We both agree that we will host more regular dinners at our place with our close friends this year.

Another thing that we want to achieve more is that we want to spend more time with our family.

Mrs Budget shared that she would love to have more breakfasts with her parents and that breakfasts are more meaningful and nice since its the start of the day and everyone is still energised and not rushing for anything.

Besides do you notice that after breakfasts, you will feel like the days are longer because you still have so much time to go about your daily activities after the meal. So that’s something that we will be doing more this year.

Both Mrs Budget and I will also try to exercise more this year. We’ve set aside a biweekly run around the neighbourhood and this will happen during the weekends. One thing that I’ve learnt is that, everything compounds in life, including your bad habits. As we laze around more, I think bad health will catch up with us one day. So it’s probably a good idea to exercise more to make sure that we are always in good shape. 

Finally, Mr Budget is trying to pick up his habit of reading books again. Hopefully I can finish one book a month. Mr Budget is currently reading his first book now and he is only at 10% in when it is already mid month. So I should probably buck up more. 

While these might all be seen as small incremental habits, hopefully we are able to achieve all of them and that 2020 will be a great start to the new decade. We tried to think of big drastic goals for the year, but the truth is, we can also find joy in the little things in life. 

Mr Budget is currently reading the Art Of Thinking Clearly by Rolf Dobelli now. Are there any books you would recommend us to check out?

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2 thoughts on “More Intentional Living In 2020

    1. Mr Budget

      Hi Superman! Thanks for this. I dont think we will be having our Baby Budget this year because the Mrs and I still need more quality time from each other. 🙂 I should probably write about this haha. But thanks for your suggestion!

      – Mr Budget


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