Getting to know Mrs Budget #2

Hi everyone, the last time you all heard from Mrs Budget was a little over a year ago in December 2019. Since it has been some time, we thought to do a quick follow up post so that readers can get to know more about Mrs Budget.

Here are some quick Q&A Mr Budget asked Mrs Budget.

What is your biggest 2020 learning so far?

One of my biggest learnings is to be focused. In the past, I used to hear news about various stocks in Singapore or in the global market. However, I do not know the background of the stock or what exactly do they do. This was such as risky thing, and I would just buy because i “heard that” it is a good stock.

After a while, I realized that the more stocks i buy, the harder it is to track all my stocks and my portfolio becomes more “capalang”. There are no central thesis and theme to my portfolio, and its mostly centered around various “popular” stocks accumulated overtime. And as time goes, the stock portfolio looks very messy.

So now I’ve learnt that I want to focus more on growth investing, and invest only in good quality stock and hold them for long. Learning to be focused also means that I channel my attention to a few stocks I have, instead of the many random stocks I used to have.

One example is Keppel Corp, which was one of the first few stocks I have – I bought it because of the price drop and that Keppel Corp is multi conglomerate in Singapore. I never really deep dived into the business segments.

With the recently portfolio restructuring, my portfolio is more concentrated and I can easily explain to people what each of my stock does. If you cant explain it to your grandmother, you probably dont understand it.

Other than stocks and investments, another learning i have in 2020 is that I realize i can actually save a lot of money when I dont travel haha! That’s because 2020 forced all of us to stay in Singapore. So if we want to save money, we can actually save, so there are no excuses.

If travel do open up, I dont think I will splurge on things unnecessarily. This is more of a realization rather than a learning.

What is your biggest financial mistake this year?

I dont really have any big financial mistake this year because I’m relatively new to investing. Strictly speaking, it has only been about a year since I started “investing”. I haven’t really made any big wrong buys this year.

Other than investing, given the current stay home situation, I also havent had the chance to spend unnecessarily, hence there are not much financial mistakes for me to make.

Your favourite stock in your portfolio and why?

I really like Amazon even though it is not performing as well as I hoped. That is because I like stocks which provides great values to customers, with wide business moat.

Amazon also has multiple revenue sources and there is so much room for growth. I feel very safe and comfortable holding it. It has a consistent track record and is now category leaders in some of the world’s fastest growing industry – e-commerce and cloud.

What is one thing you wish to get from Mr Budget?

His money hahaha. But we don’t practice allowance because we believe in being self sufficient.

On a more serious note, I really admire Mr Budget’s flair in writing. He is also always watching and consuming investment related content and trying to understand and figure out what does the world look like 10 years later. With this, he will end up finding new investment opportunities like how he discovered ARK, and then he will introduce all these to me with excitement.

To me it’s making an effort to gain new knowledge. So it’s nice to just absorb all these new knowledge from him without making effort haha. But 2021 I’ll try to make more effort in giving out knowledge.

What do you hope to achieve next year?

I think for me it’s to continue to grow my net worth and portfolio gradually and consistently, and to continue to invest in growth stocks.

Do you have any other questions that you’d like to ask Mr or Mrs Budget?

Feel free to let us know in the comments below. 🙂

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