November 2019 Monthly Expenses Update

At the end of every month, Mrs Budget and I will reconcile our monthly expenses and see what are we spending on, and where we can optimise or cut down our expenses.

We subscribe to the believe that every penny saved is a penny earned – sometimes its easier to save S$100, than to earn S$100, both of which results in the same net worth increase.

In November, here’s what Mr Budget spent on.

Transportation (mrt)$113.19
Groceries / Home$2,114.37
Phone Bill$56.10
Income Tax$103.05
Hair Cut$34.00
Digital Subs$30.56
Malaysia Mortgage 1$851.74
Malaysia Mortgage 2$127.50
Singapore Mortgage$985.74

My total expenses this month is $6,350.88, consisting of a fixed expenses of $2,467.02 and variable expenses of $3,883.86.

The variable expenses is higher this month as we made our usual wedding downpayment for our banquet next year, and we foresee some recovery in that aspect next month when the ang Pao comes in.

Entertainment cost is higher as Mr Budget went overseas with his company. Other than that, managed to cut down on grab food meals this month hence the overall expenses is lower than last month. Mr Budget also incurred a S$1000 cost under “others” as he made a voluntary contribution to his EPF account. 

For the month of November, I would say that we are fairly satisfied with Mr Budget’s monthly spending. 

As with last month, mortgage payments make up to S$2000 of Mr Budget’s monthly fixed expenses. Hopefully we will reap the reward in the future. 

For Mrs Budget, here’s what she spent on.

Groceries / Home$2,114.37
Phone Bill$39.71
Income Tax$0.00

Mrs Budget’s total expenditure was $3,657.59, out of which $1,311.88 is the fixes expenses.

Other than contributing a monthly stipend to her parents and contributing to her endowment plan, the other high expenses is the wedding table downpayment. As per usual, Mrs Budget’s spending is well within our satisfaction.

October 2019 Monthly Expenses Update

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