What Have We Done This Month Towards Our Financial Goals – November 2019

So November has came and gone now.

While everyone else is doing a monthly portfolio update, we thought it is more meaningful to document what we have done this month towards our financial goals.

Mr Budget
Position Added: Lendlease, Ascendas REIT, Powermatic, SE, PDD
Take Profit: Frasers Logistics Trust, Asian Pay TV Trust

Mrs Budget
Position Added: N/A
Take Profit: N/A

Here’s a graphical representation of what we have done this month towards our financial goals:

So as you can see, it was a busy month for Mr Budget. As previously shared, Mr Budget took profit on Frasers Logistics Trust and Asian Pay TV Trust.

You can read more about the reasons why here

With the proceeds and using up some of his cash savings, Mr Budget added on 5 new counters.

The first counter was Lendlease, which was also mentioned in the previous update

The second counter added was Ascendas REIT. Mr Budget has been eyeing this REIT for a while now, and with the recent price weakness, Mr Budget decided to pull the trigger and went in to buy some Ascendas REITs for long term investment. 

If you have been an avid follower of the finance space, DBS Bank has been actively promoting their new roboadvisor, the DigiPortfolio. DigiPortfolio, which invests in NIKKO Straits Times Index ETF and NikkoAM-StraitsTrading Asia ex Japan REIT ETF

If you look into the portfolio composition, the highest REIT holdings for the various portfolio under DigiPortfolio is Ascendas REIT. 

Other than the fundamentals of the REIT, this gives us a lot of confidence in Ascendas REIT seeing that the REIT takes up a substantial portion on the various exchange traded funds. If the funds are buying in, surely they know more than what we do.

We foresee strong growth from Ascendas in the long term especially since they announced that they will be acquiring 30 properties from Capitaland, increasing the DPU performance in the future.

The third counter I added is a bit speculative: Powermatic Data.

We first came across this counter while tracking Kyith’s investing activities. He has been purchasing the counter as of late, and while digging deeper, we also like what we see. 

Powermatic is a computer components distributor, and its a good growth company riding the 5G tech wave, providing customised wi-fi solutions. 
Its recent financial report shows the following:

  • YOY revenue +30%
  • H-YOY profit +46%
  • Total current assets S$39M, Total cash S$35M with no borrowings. This is a company loaded with cash.
  • They have investment properties of almost S$19M, and S$4.7M in plants and equipments.
  • They have a total headcount of 88 person generating S$21M in revenue, translating to S$240,000 revenue per person.

There are other bloggers too that agree that the company is undervalued.

Hence Mr Budget took a small position on Powermatic Data, and we have a very good feeling about this counter. We like that the company is cash and asset rich, strong financial growth, and is in a high growth industry.

The fourth counter that I added on recently is SE, or the parent company of Shopee. Mr Budget has also been sharing that he has been eyeing SE for a while now, as he is very impressed with the continued growth of the company. He finally pulled the trigger and added the counter in.

And the final one is PinDuoDuo, with the catalyst being Amazon opening up their new store on the Chinese e commerce platform. Pin Duo Duo’s addition is also a way for us to get some exposure to the China market. 

Other than the rebalancing of his portfolio and the annual clean up, Mr Budget also made a small contribution to his EPF account in Malaysia to enjoy the annual 6.5% interest rate. This amount will be used for retirement purposes.

Mrs Budget, on the other hand, has not made any purchases or sold any of her existing positions. The good news this month was that, Keppel Corp’s share surged on news of Temasek’s acquisition, hence lifting the overall portfolio value of Mrs Budget.

So that’s an update from us this month. 🙂

How have your month been? 

Monthly Tracking

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