Of Wuhan Virus, Syfe’s New Real Estate Portfolio, And CPF.

Hi guys, Mr and Mrs Budget has been away last week for our honeymoon, hence the lack of articles. But we are now back with our regular scheduling. 

The biggest news this past week is definitely the Wuhan virus which has gotten many people worried. The Mrs and I are equally worried too and we are one of the many kiasi-s who have started wearing our mask when we take the public transportation. 

Of course, the virus have spooked the market too, with our portfolio registering a 3% decrease in one day yesterday! They dropped as fast as they rose! However, we have not taken any actions and are keeping the faith that this too shall pass and that our portfolio will continue to return us the annual dividends.

Some of the counters that we are eyeing this year are the usual suspects of high quality REITs which we find the prices are still sky high.

Notably, we are looking at the Mapletrees and the Ascendas, as well as Keppel DC REIT.

The good thing is that, our friends at Syfe told us that they are launching a new fund focusing on REITs in Singapore. The new Real Estate portfolio is slated to launch in February, and we might choose to put some money in it if we like what we see. According to the investment manager, the way the portfolio is constructed, one will be shielded from major corrections! Sounds too good to be true, but let’s see. 🙂

If you are looking to join Syfe, here’s my referral code: SRP6X8B8Y

Besides that, Mr Budget has also received a lot of great feedbacks with regards to my CPF calculation. Some readers pointed out that the calculation is slightly wrong. It makes more sense to max out the Medisave first so excess Medisave will overflow to our Special Account up to the full retirement Sum. There is also a cap on the RSTU to our SA account. 

Another great pointer pointed out was that one should keep some money in the OA and not empty out the OA to SA because of the cap on the RSTU so that in the future, we can continue to enjoy the tax relief of RSTU, hence it makes more sense to drag out the time where you hit your full retirement sum of the SA account. We will probably be doing another article and scenario play this. 

We have also received our CPF annual statement as with everyone else. In 2019, the total interest credited was S$3063.91 as compared to a total of S$1029.86 interest credited in 2018. This represent a 300% increase! This is not far off from our projections.

Mr Budget’s 2018 CPF Interest Received (highlighted in yellow)
Mr Budget’s 2019 CPF Interest Received (highlighted in yellow)

Do keep a look out for more of our articles in the next few days for our monthly updates! In the meantime, happy Chinese new year to all, and don’t let the virus dampen our festive mood. 🙂 

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