Syfe Portfolio Update – January 2020

Frequent followers of Mr and Mrs Budget will know that Mr Budget had started a regular savings plan with Syfe, a relatively new roboadvisor in Singapore. 

The main reason why Mr Budget decided to go for Roboadvisor is because he is looking for a more affordable way to invest in multiple baskets of ETFs to get more diversification.

Another reason is that, Mr Budget views roboadvisors as the professionally managed portion of his portfolio since he does not have any financial advisor. As Roboadvisor firms have professionals looking at the funds daily, I’d think the results won’t be that bad as compared to our own DIY portfolios.

So here’s Mr Budget’s monthly Syfe portfolio summary.

January 2020
Total invested: S$2010.00
Current Value: S$2009.00
Portfolio Return: -0.25%
Downside Risk: 25%

Portfolio Breakdown

Not too concerned about the returns at this point as this will be a long term investment. It will take time for the portfolio to see some returns. 

According to Syfe’s forecast, based on a monthly RSP of S$1000 for 15 years at max risk, the optimistic expected return with a total capital of S$181,000 will be S$400,831, or an IRR of 10.856%. For the conservative return of S$245,971 after 15 years, the IRR will be 4.85%, still higher than the bank’s interest rate or even comparable to CPF. 

Will we be able to get the 10.85% return? Only time will tell. We will be tracking the returns monthly and will update here accordingly. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Syfe Portfolio Update – January 2020

    1. Mr Budget

      Hi Assiak71!

      Thanks for your comment! That’s very interesting and you are right indeed. We checked with the investment manager and it seems that that’s consistent across any robo platform. He also pointed me to this article which shows that returns taper off on the higher end of the risk spectrum:

      We may be looking at adjusting the DR but will see. We learn something new everyday. 🙂

      Are you on Syfe too? Hows your portfolio returns like? Also are you the real AK? That will be very cool – big fan!


  1. Hi Mr & Mrs Budget,

    Happened to stumble upon your site, and it’s so great to see someone posting their Roboadvisors’ portfolio returns transparently! I started my investing journey with Stashaway back in May 2018, and was contemplating on whether to share the details on my site. Am so inspired by your transparency, and I think sharing real details like this will allow like-minded people make well-informed decisions.



  2. Mr Budget

    hello! glad that you found this useful! We are discontinuing this series as we are looking to redeploy the fund somewhere else. But yes we try to be as transparent as much as we can. 🙂


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