What Have We Done This Month Towards Our Financial Goals – March 2020

So March and 2020 first quarter has came and gone now. And March has been yet another a roller coaster month because of the whole virus situation.

While everyone else is doing a monthly portfolio update, we thought it is more meaningful to document what we have done this month towards our financial goals.

Mr Budget
Position Added: AIMS AMP, Ascendas India Trust, Keppel Pacific OAK, CMT, Syfe Global Equities, Syfe REIT+
Take Profit: Ascendas, Centurion, Amazon, Axon, SEA

Mrs Budget
Position Added: AIMS AMP, Ascendas India Trust, Keppel Pacific OAK, CMT, Syfe Global Equities, Syfe REIT+ Take Profit: Ascendas, Netlink Trust

There were a fair bit of transactions this month, and mostly they can be classified into:

  1. Selling some of our recently added positions to take profit and avoid losses
  2. Buying to remain vested in market as well as adding counters which are below NAV and are oversold.

For Mr Budget and Mrs Budget, we took profit off Ascendas which we bought in November last year, and still manage to clock in a 10% gain before the counter plunged to below our entry price.

We may initiate a position to buy Ascendas again when the price drops further. 

To accumulate more cash, Mr Budget also sold off more than half of his US equities, as well as his stake in Centurion before it dived lower than his entry price.

Similarly, Mrs Budget also took profit on her Netlink Trust holdings. 

With the proceeds from the sales of shares, we rotated those capital into the following counters:

  1. AIMS AMP – dropped to a 8 years low, with a price/nav of 0.77 and 45% upside. There was insider buying too when share plunged.
  2. Ascendas India Trust – dropped to 1 year low, with a price yield of 8.21% and a 54% upside. Our first exposure to the India market.
  3. Keppel Pacific OAK – dropped to all time low, with a price/nav of 0.61 and a 80% upside. 
  4. Capitalmall Trust – dropped to a 8 years low, with a price/nav of 0.84 and a 55% upside. Finally manage to get this REIT.

Overall, we recycled our invested capital into new REITs with better prices, and this month our investing activity is still net capital outlay for our Singapore equities.

We also continued our monthly Syfe DCA contribution.

Here’s a graphical representation of what we have done this month towards our financial goals:

While our portfolio went down by a lot, it is cushioned by our employment income as well as constant CPF contribution. Mrs Budget also received her performance bonus which help lifted her net worth up.

Our joint net worth is at around S$590,000 now, almost hitting S$600,000, excluding our properties and mortgages but including our CPF. 

In our previous updates, we shared that cash is king and that we will be accumulating cash.

Hence we are treating our stock purchase this month as our first deployment of our war chest during this COVID 19 outbreak. 

PhasesMr BudgetMrs BudgetDeployment Signals
1AS$20,000S$20,000Singapore market STI -20% 2400 – Deployed
1BS$20,000S$20,000US NASDAQ -25% 6750
2AS$30,000S$30,000Singapore market STI -20% 2000
2BS$30,000S$50,000US NASDAQ -25% 5400
3AS$50,000S$120,000Singapore market STI -20% 1600
3BS$30,000S$70,000US NASDAQ -25% 4000
Current: STI 2440 NASDAQ 7500

We have done 1A last week, and will monitor the US market for phase 1B.

Phase 1 is funded by our existing capital in the market. 
Phase 2 will be funded by our current cash in bank.
Phase 3 will be funded via a combination of home equity loan as well as credit card cash advance.

Assuming we do hit phase 3, here are some of the counters we will be accumulating:

  1. Ascendas REIT
  2. Keppel DC REIT
  3. Comfort Delgro
  4. CRCT
  5. Suntec REIT
  6. Centurion
  7. SGX
  8. DBS
  9. Mastercard
  10. SEA
  11. Booking
  12. Google
  13. Adobe
  14. Amazon
  15. Square
  16. Facebook

Hopefully we will be able to scoop up these counters at good price and they will reward us in the future. 

Stay safe everyone, and happy hunting!

Monthly Tracking

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