Syfe Portfolio Update – September 2020

Hi everyone!

Following our monthly updates on our financial goals and expenses, we have also been keeping a record on our Syfe investments.

As we’ve probably mentioned a lot of times before, we view Syfe as our “professionally managed” portion of our portfolio. Syfe, as a roboadvisor, is also an affordable way for us to invest in multiple baskets of ETFs globally, hence gives us more diversification to our overall portfolio.

As we’ve mentioned, both Mrs Budget and myself contribute a combined total of S$2,000 (S$1,000 each) to Syfe. Of this S$2,000, we are now dollar cost averaging (DCA) in the following ratio:

  • Global equity – S$500
  • REIT+ – S$500
  • Equity100 – S$1,000

Here’s our monthly Syfe portfolio summary.

September 2020

Global Equity Portfolio
Total invested: S$9,072.12
Total Contribution this month: S$500
Current Value: S$10,416.22
Portfolio Return: 14.82%
Downside Risk: 25%

REIT Portfolio
Total invested: S$9,170.01
Total Contribution this month: S$500
Current Value: S$9,886.99
Portfolio Return: 7.82%

Total invested: S$4000
Total Contribution this month: S$1000
Current Value: S$4,235.95
Portfolio Return: 5.9%

For September, both the global portfolio and REIT+ portfolio dipped a bit while the Equity100 grew as the US market continued to rally.

We are not too concerned about the returns as we will continue to put in regular contribution to Syfe monthly, and hopefully 5 to 10 years later we will be able to see the returns. 

Will Syfe give us a good return, better than what CPF SA is giving us? Only time will tell. 

You might be interested in previous months update too:

Global Equity:
January 2020: S$2009.00 (-0.25%)
February 2020: S$4248.60 (-6%)
March 2020: S$4918.86 (-11.09%)
April 2020: N/A
May 2020: S$5,497.84 (-1.33%)
June 2020: S$8134.20 (7.42%)
July 2020: S$9,357.11 (15.92%)
August 2020: S$9,865.69 (15.09%)
September 2020: S$10,416.22 (14.82%)

February 2020: S$3075.90 (-2.35%)
March 2020: S$4333.10 (-6.82%)
April 2020: N/A
May 2020: S$6,903.46 (3.5%)
June 2020: S$8,202.90 (6.95%)
July 2020: S$8,648.01 (5.85%)
August 2020: S$9,426.61 (8.73%)
September 2020: S$9,886.99 (7.82%)

June 2020: S$0
July 2020: S$2,034.27 (1.71%)
August 2020: S$3,018.57 (0.62%)
September 2020: S$4,235.95 (5.9%)

Looking to invest via Syfe? You can use our referral code: SRP6X8B8Y when you create an account.

We would both get $10 to $100 depending on your first deposit amount, and you’d receive your bonus within 5 business days.

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