What Have We Done This Month Towards Our Financial Goals – June 2020

So June has came and gone now. What this means is that, first half of 2020 is now over, and we are moving into the second half of 2020. Time really flies!

For the whole of June, both Mrs Budget and myself had been mostly staying at home due to the circuit breaker. However, we have also started going back to the office about once to twice a week for office matters and meetings.

While everyone else is doing a monthly portfolio update, we thought it is more meaningful to document what we have done this month towards our financial goals.

Portfolio Transactions

Mr Budget
Position Added: MNAC, Prime US Reit, Syfe
Take Profit: N/A

Mrs Budget
Position Added: MNAC, Prime US Reit, Syfe
Take Profit: N/A

For June, in our previous update, we mentioned that we averaged down on Mapletree North Asia Trust, and initiated a position on Prime US Reit, both of which were still trading at below their NAV.

We have also continued to contribute to our roboadvisor Syfe this month.

In June, we have been tracking the price movements over the last few weeks, and what we’ve noticed is that the market is moving sideways now, and the bulls seems to be losing momentum.

This is expected since May we saw a strong rebound for the various stock prices. With the slow down in price momentum, we probably wont be buying any counters in the Singapore market unless something exciting comes. We may initiate some positions in the US market for the long run and also to increase our US equity allocation.

Home Equity Loan

Regular followers of Mr and Mrs Budget may have noticed that we have briefly included a new portion of home equity loan towards our monthly war chest update last month.

Since April when the market crashed, and along that the drop in interest rates, Mrs Budget has been trying to get a home equity loan so that we can leverage on that as a cheap source of fund to invest in the market.

We are happy to share that the loan has been approved, although the quantum is lesser than what we had hope for. The rate that we were offered by OCBC was 1.6% for 2 years, and Mrs Budget will be taking that up.

The rate is really quite affordable and even if Mrs Budget were to use that whole loan quantum and put it in CPF, the returns will more than double the loan interest.

So if anyone is able to do this, we’d recommend taking up an home equity loan. A few people we know are doing this to leverage on the low interest rate environment now.

The home equity loan process however, took way longer than we thought – since we applied in April, we only received the approval in end June, and are told that the funds will only be disbursed in another 1 – 2 months.

We may probably be sharing an article on the whole process and our further thoughts on that.

Net Worth Updates

Our net worth continue to grow this month, due to contribution from our salary as well as the continued rebound of stock prices.

Our combined net worth is now at S$718,000, including CPF but excluding our property and mortgage. This is up from S$690,000 last month, a change of +S$28,000.

The growth rate these past few months is quite high as we have lowered our spending significantly, and Mr Budget’s Malaysia mortgages are halted.

However, we are mindful that these number may change as we have a significant exposure to the equity market, which currently stands at a total equity exposure of S$280,000.

War Chest Updates And Watchlist

With the various transactions, here’s an update on our war chest:

Mr Budget War ChestS$90,000
Mrs Budget War ChestS$40,000
Mrs Budget Home Loan War Chest (pending)S$70,000

As our war chest has been increasing, and our cash position % is getting slightly larger than what we would ideally like, hopefully we are able to deploy our war chest soon. Counters on our watch list:

  1. Ascendas REIT
  2. Keppel DC REIT
  3. IREIT Global
  4. SGX
  5. DBS
  6. Mastercard
  7. Adobe
  8. Amazon
  9. Square
  10. Tesla (NEW)

We’ve added Tesla into our wishlist as a speculative counter, and may initiate a small speculative position if any opportunity arise.

Stay safe everyone, and happy hunting! We’d be happy to also hear your recent purchases too so that we can keep an eye on them too.

Monthly Tracking

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We would both get $10 to $100 depending on your first deposit amount, and you’d receive your bonus within 5 business days.

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One thought on “What Have We Done This Month Towards Our Financial Goals – June 2020

  1. Frederick Ho

    Well done. Since the banks interest rates are so low, I’m going to transfer some of my FD to CPF.


    Frederick Ho



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